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English Private Lessons

Fast progress with one-to-one lessons!

In this course you can achieve a high level of learning in the English language with the combination of your desire to learn and the focus of a great teacher. You will learn at your own pace and our teachers will design classes to fit your needs as a student. The themes of our English classes include daily conversation, business English, travel and cultural topics. So let’s go ahead and start learning English in a fun way to achieve your goals!

Tuition guide

Please note

  • 1 lesson lasts for 50 minutes.
  • The course fee does not include the cost of a textbook.
  • Course expiration date is 6 months from the contract date (fee payment date).
  • Please study our terms & conditions before signing up for one of our course

What Student ‘s Say

  • I always thought that studying Thai would be intimidating, so I put off going to lessons for a while and tried to learn on my own. Since my very first lesson at Phasorn, I felt excited and more informed about how to use the everyday Thai that I had learned and continued to learn. The teacher is encouraging and allows each student to work at a comfortable pace that is challenging, but not overwhelming. Thank you Phasorn, for giving me the confidence to speak with so many lovely Thai people.

    Melissa Faller
    Melissa Faller
  • I just started learning Thai language here at PhaSorn and I’m so impressed with the teacher’s ability to answer all my questions and they make learning so fun. I always look forward to coming to class. Before I signed up for classes, the only thing I could say was hello and thank you, but how I can have meaningful conversations with all Thai people. This has made my stay in Thailand much more enjoyable and interesting.

    Victor Lawrence Kaperick
    Victor Lawrence Kaperick
  • I am a student at PhaSorn, I have attained a high-level of quality instruction in a fun environment for studying. PhaSorn has assisted me in my goals being reached and further my understanding as a student. Achieving success is one of the key factors at PhaSorn, where I could immerse myself in the language course. All aspects studying at PhaSorn is convenient and comfortable. Location is great, in the center of Bangkok metropolis. My experience has been fulfilled at PhaSornlanguageSchool.

    Gloria Jean Lupe Lutin
    Gloria Jean Lupe Lutin

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