Achieve your target level speedily with the Phasorn’s method.
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Who & Where We Are

We are ‘PhaSorn Language School’.  We are a language school placed in a very convenient location in Bangkok’s city center, only a 3 minute walk from BTS Chitlom Skytrian station, on the 5th floor of the famous Amarin shopping mall. We teach Thai and English languages to both adults and children from absolute beginners to advanced students…

Thai & English Courses

We should feel free to experience all the possibilities on offer of learning without the difficulties normally associated with targeted level learning. Feeling free to understand the different cultures and lifestyles will help with communication skills and provide quick improvements tailored to students needs so that we can share the joy of language.

A Comfortable Place to learn

We operate in a relaxed environment and with our guidance; our students decide what goals and targets they want to set for themselves.
Our students know the reasons why they want to learn new language skills and with our help and guidance we will carefully nurture our students learning in a relaxing, rewarding and fun way.

Our Teaching Method

Language is all about rhythm, to understand speakers of another language other than yours requires patient learning, a first step would be starting to recognise rhythm in a language.
For example, in the case of conversation, the best way to begin is to get straight to vocal sounds. Initially, beginning from short sounds and then phrases, gradually building to longer phrases, adding conjunctions and prepositions, we train the reflexes to hear and speak the vocal sounds. At first perhaps not with much understanding, but, the brain is getting used to the “rhythm”. In the same way as when you play tennis or catch a ball perhaps, you develop muscle memory at first it is difficult but after some time you start to reflex automatically, the brain is doing some work in the background for you, well it is the same with language.
Even with reading and writing, we can start by writing down just letters, practice reading letters back out loud, then short words, clauses and finally sentences. Your brain will start to learn the shapes of letters and words and again work for you in the background, developing memory and increasing vocabulary and so eventually reading comes easily.

Our Teachers

For our Thai courses we use only native Thai speakers supported by our own ‘in house developed’ teaching materials so our students will not only benefit from learning Thai language but Thai culture, lifestyle and history as well. For our English courses we use the international standard of teaching materials that are used in English schools around the world, predominantly sourced from Oxford, England.

Our Location and Hours

Our school is open for business from 8.00am until 9:00pm daily, including weekends (except for Thai national holidays when our school will be closed).
We understand that these days everybody has a busy schedule, even if you are not working for a living, so we are conveniently located close to the BTS skywalk at Chitlom station ensuring our students can easily access our school on a day and at a time to take classes which suit their busy lifestyles.

Have a genuine interest in Thai and English?
Come to PhaSorn Language School, You Will obtain and Fun and rewarding experience.

PhaSorn Language School
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